"Aval" bank won the first place in "The bank in which you would place your deposit" category. It's CEO Olexandr Derkach became a winner in the "Banker of the year" category according to "Business", the all-Ukrainian weekly publication.

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"Aval" bank became the general sponsor of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre.

"Aval" trademark took the first prize in "The people's recognition" category in the "Brand of the year" all-Ukrainian competition.

"Aval" carried out the sixth issue of its shares, which increased its nominal capital to 19,398,000 hryvnias.

"Aval" bank renewed the National Bank of Ukraine license #10 to conduct banking transactions, from December 30, 1996. Among the transactions, which now number 31, is servicing of the state budget.

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