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What Do International Students Say About Wayne State University?
Promotional; 10 minutes
About the project
Every student going to study abroad faces a number of questions. Where to live? How much does the food cost? Will he or she have enough money? What are classes like? What is the quality of education in his or her selected university? Where and how to meet new friends? What to do in the spare time? How safe is it where he or she is going to live?

Fourteen of the Wayne State University's 3,000 international students volunteered to answer these questions drawing on their own experience of coming to the US. Their answers are accompanied by a variety of visuals from WSU's international students' lives.

Roles in the project: producer (shared), scriptwriter, interviewer, photographer (shared), editor.

Runtime: 10 minutes.

Media: shot on Beta, distributed online and on CDs.

Dmytro Doblevych
Seong-Wook Lee
Raphael Obotama

Shot in the Spring of 2002, Honorable Mention Award at the Second Annual WSU Film & Video Festival.

Download the video: RealMedia (88 Mb) | Windows Media | Quicktime.

Screenshots from the video
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Siamak Pourabdollah
Li Zhang and baby Edward
Benn Anyadike