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A Family Portrait
Feature; 6 minutes
About the project
A typical American family — father, mother, and children. One of the brothers, preoccupied with his issues, develops a habit of ignoring everyone. It takes a mysterious stranger who shows him a prospect of losing his relatives for the son to come back to appreciate them.

Roles in the project: storyboard artist, director (shared), photographer (shared), actor, editor (shared).

Runtime: 6 minutes.

Media: shot on Super8 film, transferred to DV.

Son — Jonathan Moore
Stranger — Dmytro Doblevych
Father — Glynn Pittman
Mother — Jonette Pittman
Sister — Amber Cardinale
Brother — Nick Cardinale

Gabe Cardinale
Dmytro Doblevych
Jonathan Moore

Special "thank you" to Jeff Gibson.

Shot in the fall of 2000 in Monroe, Louisiana, showcased in "Enoch's Pub and Grill" to much cheering and lauding from the ecstatic audience.

Shall a man's foes be they of his own household?

Screenshots from the film
. . . .
A mysterious stranger.
Your local bully Son, the one having issues.
Good American happy end.