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Detroit Orientation Institute
Promotional; 8 minutes
About the project
The Detroit Orientation Institute (DOI) is a 3-day program that provides a historical perspective and candid look at Detroit. The intensive crash course is designed to orientate the participants in cultural, industrial, demographic, and municipal aspects of the city. Newcomers, business executives, professionals from non-profit organizations, government administrators and journalists typically attend. The program is held twice a year and enrolls 55 people at a time.

The video, along with photographs, was distributed on a CD-ROM among Detroit organizations.

Roles in the project: photographer (shared), editor (shared).

Runtime: 8 minutes.

Media: shot on Beta, distributed on CD-ROM.

Darryl Shreve
Bert Calderwood
Dmytro Doblevych
Archana Deshpande
Shannon Tucker

Shot in the Fall of 2004.

Download the video: RealMedia | Windows Media | Quicktime.

Screenshots from the video
. . . .
Focus Hope manufacturing facility visit.
Participant interview.
Community housing neighborhood walk.