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Feature; 16 minutes
About the project
Dimitri and Stella go on a road trip to Ann Arbor with Marla who they had just met. Along the way, a disagreement about the route arises. Finally, Marla consents to do Dimitri and Stella a favor — to drop them off in Detroit, but this puts her in a bitchy mood that spoils the rest of the trip.

Based on a true story.

Roles in the project: producer, scriptwriter, storyboard artist, director, actor, photographer, editor.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

Media: miniDV.

Marla — Louisa Michelotti
Dimitri — Dmytro Doblevych
Stella — Stella Skolkovska
Barmaid — Oksana Pikush
Man at the pump — Michael Perry

Dmytro Doblevych
Sergei Skolkovsky
Alice Skolkovska
Stella Skolkovska
Michael Perry
Joe Rizzo
Lauren Thomson

Special "thank you" to Robert Steele.

Shot in the winter of 2001/2002, showcased at the Second Annual WSU Film & Video Festival.

If anyone ever suggests that I go on a road trip with Marla again, I'll grab a big rock smile politely and decline.

Screenshots from the film
. . . .
Dimitri discovers their route has changed.
Stella's friend not home.
A happy barmaid.