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•   Myroslav Marynovych visit

•   East Windsor Recreation Center Groundbreaking

•   Wyandotte East at Riverdale Bridge Opening

•   Windsor Roots clothing line launching at Freed's

•   Bikers on Riverside and Ganatchio Trail

•   Kingsville Historical Park and Museum

•   Fun on Wheels at Canada Transportation Museum

•   Shores of Erie Wine Festival, Ft. Malden

•   Ronna Warsh and Claudia MacArthur

•   Social Services brochure

•   Teen Health Centre

•   Medieval performance for kids at Adie Knox Centre

•   Windsor Riverside bikers, walkers, picnickers

•   UNESCO against racism

•   Spirit of Detroit and Renaissance Center

•   Luncheon with George Stephanopoulos

•   Sports Jamz

•   Chicago, Illinois

•   London, Ontario

I photograph
I shoot cityscapes and special events photo reports. All the images are post-processed in Photoshop, the most common jobs being lens correction, framing, levels, color correction, and sharpness.

During events, I strive for variety, shooting from different angles, covering long shots, mediums, and close-ups, action and reaction, trying to capture the mood and dynamics of the situation.

Some of my city photos are not strictly photographs, but collages, in which several shots are combined in order to achieve the perfect composition otherwise unattainable.

The photos were commissioned, bought, or used by:
City of Windsor Department of Parks and Recreation

the HCA group

City of Windsor Corporate Communications Department

North American Bengali Conference 2007

Dale Carnegie Training — Michigan

Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Taylor|Sprules Corporation

Barefield Design Works

O'Keefe & Associates

Book 9/11 Illustrated

The South End newspaper

Road Accidents Canada

Jerry's Motorcycles

Ukrainian National Credit Union Association

Detroit City Council Candidate Martha Reeves

Wayne State University

WSU Civil Engineering

Detroit Orientation Institute

Globe Restaurant

Refrigerator and Promotional Magnets



private individuals